Wooden Product is famous product for its duration of life and has high artistic value. Many people choose wooden product than plastic or aluminum.

Teak is indisputably the strongest wood all over the world. Teak is our choice, because it is not just strong, but as well rare, precious and adored by many people. From the choice bar teak, our trophy products are sculpted by professional and skilled sculptors, who create many kinds of beautiful trophies.

One of universal characteristics of a competition event is the winners and trophy. It had known that the winner of a competition must get a trophy. Football, softball, tennis, golf, chess, education competition, and many more competitions are offers some trophies for the winner. Those trophies are the symbol of their winning of a competition.

In common competition, we have seen a lot of various design of trophies. Usually, they are made of fiberglass, crystal, glass, etc. Here, we offer you the different design and main material of trophies. We try to introduce our trophies that made of TEAK WOOD named WOODEN TROPHY. We have made various designs of trophies from Teak Wood. Our professional craftsman in East Java Island does these unique trophies.

Our Wooden Trophies are has different sizes (length, height, weight and width). These sizes are aimed for our standard trophies in three types. The general trophies type has two parts, that is the upper and under part. You can put the various upper parts with the same under part. The next type is special type, which in one part of trophies. This type don’t separate by two parts. You can’t put any upper part in this type. We have football trophies, soccer trophies, softball trophies, etc; for this special type. The last type is custom type. You can suggest your own design, size and types to us, and we will do your request as well as possible.


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