WoodenTrophy.com is a manufacturer which provides all parts of custom awards in a variety of sizes for your every need and free trophy engraving as well. WoodenTrophy.com is located in Java Island, Indonesia, which is known for its Teak forest and as one of the best teak feeder areas in Indonesia.

Teak is indisputably the strongest wood all over the world. Teak is our choice, because it is not just strong, but as well rare, precious and adored by many people. From the choice bar teak, our trophy products are sculpted by professional and skilled sculptors, who create many kinds of beautiful trophies.

Besides the creation of generally trophies like music trophy, tennis trophy, star trophy, etc; we also provide some special trophies forms, such as; football trophies, soccer trophies, softball trophies, and the other competition trophies based your order. The custom trophies with your own design and size are available here.

Whether you're looking for golf trophies, competition trophies, or unique wooden trophies, you've come to the right place. If you have your own design, we are able to help you to make it true.

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