WoodenTrophy.com is a company, which provides various forms of wooden trophies such as; music trophies, tennis trophies, softball trophies, and the other competition, or games that need the unique trophies. The special thing of our product is our main material, which is the original teak wood. Teak is recognized as a real strong wood and has good natural wood fiber.

WoodenTrophy.com is located on Java Island, Indonesia, and was founded in 1994. In the meanwhile, since 1999, we have been recognized all around the world and get good response. Since that time, WoodenTrophy.com started to create various forms and its products are loved by a lot of people in the world.

Those wooden trophies are made of natural teak wood and handmade product, which crafted by professional Javanese craftsman. Our products won’t break if you fall it on the floor, because we use the finest Teak wood. We offers three types of wooden trophies, they are; permanent trophies, a pair trophies (you can change the trophy’s head with different body), and custom trophies.

You will find our customer service staffs are friendly and helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or order!

We can be reached via e-mail at info@woodentrophy.com

Fast Service
Your trophies order is usually shipped out if you have paid and complete the form. We ship your completed trophies directly to your home or business.

Quality Trophies
We use the finest and natural Teak wood, so that if the trophies has fall down, it won’t be break.


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